Monday, March 30, 2009

Sammy Wilson's a fake twit!

The DUP say it's a fake account, so the potential enjoyment and humour that can be extracted from Sammy Wilson's musings on Twitter may be short-lived.

A tweet from someone pretending to be Sammy Wilson

But before it's deleted or taken over by the MP, MLA and global warming-sceptic Environment Minister note, some excerpts (in chronological order) from the stream of consciousness that turns out not to be from the man himself ...

Totally forgot about earth hour!

Putting the bin out before bed.

@sirwiggum I don't recycle, I just put the bins out!

I think after yesterday's football riots, our national sport should be stock car racing, perhaps some MLAs could use their 4 litre SUVs.

Can't remember how to change the time on the heating.

Pity it was too early to be an April Fool impersonation!

Update - looks like Jim Allister is now being mocked online too.


On my edge sun said...

Haha! It's like a folks on the hill special :)

*Goes off in search of a fake Iris Robinson twitter*

Niall said...

What in those comments leads you to believe it's fake ...?

Phil said...

Did anyone really think it was real!!?