Monday, March 16, 2009

Where was I?

Mobile phone sign

Update - The answer was ... unfortunately aboard one of the Ryanair planes that is trialling in-flight mobile phone usage. Incoming texts are free, but everything else bears a surcharge.

Ryanair plane with in-flight mobile phone signs illuminated


Anonymous said...

On the runway?

Casa said...

Tube Train?

Anonymous said...

Behind the camera/phone/alternative photo taking device.

Niall said...


Alan in Belfast said...

Just as it was taking a surreal twist, Niall hit the nail on the head. Spot who else has been flying to Stansted recently!

Funny thing was that I couldn't get signal ... so was unable to receive any incoming SMSes "for free". Searching didn't pick up any available networks ... though they switched it off and then back on again mid flight (reboot perhaps?)

But not a good development.

Norwin! said...

Nooo! Flying with Ryanair gets even worse!