Friday, May 15, 2009

Vodafone gave stuff away in Belfast

Vodafone logo

Having given them a bad time over a previous UK promotion that missed out Northern Ireland, it’s only fair that I should applaud Vodafone for bringing their HTC Magic hunt to Belfast yesterday.

They’ve been issuing daily clues on Twitter to lead people to a particular Vodafone store and giving a password to utter to an identified member of staff. As I was getting on the train to head up to the Balmoral Show, a clue was posted including the word “Best” ... a pretty big hint that it would be Belfast.

Of course, it would have to be the one day I was heading out of town, as opposed to sitting ten minutes away from the store! Looks like the trust Sony Ericsson P900 will survive a while longer. On the bright side, the Vodafone-branded rock sweets on their Balmoral Show stand were just the chewy sugar rush I needed.

But two Belfastians will now be the proud owners of HTC Magic phones. Thanks for listening Vodafone.

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