Monday, June 15, 2009

The dinosaurs have left the building ... RIP Primeval

Primeval logo

Primeval was seen as ITV’s response to the BBC’s successful reintroduction of Doctor Who into the Saturday night family science fiction schedule. And while the show never grabbed me enormously - though I do admit to at least flicking through most episodes to see how they could possibly introduce another CGI variant of a dinosaur - it was pretty successful with audience, with the latest series averaging 4.5m viewers (23.25% share). It was even announced that a Primeval film is being made in the US.

However, ITV have today confirmed that they won’t be making a fourth series of Primeval stating:

“high quality drama remains a key part of the ITV schedule, although our current focus is on post-watershed production.”

So the dinosaurs are dead at last. Let’s hope Doctor Who and Torchwood don’t suffer the same fate.

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Hugh Fraser said...

Too bad, their not making another one, I really liked this show.