Sunday, June 07, 2009

Education: middle class value or fundamental human need? Mike Wardlow in conversation on Tuesday night

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Back in May, the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland hosted an evening of conversation with Lesley Carroll who was on the team behind the Report of the Consultative Group on the Past .

This Tuesday night, they're following up with another event, this time on the theme of ever-topical theme of education.

In Conversation with Mike Wardlow discussing “Education - a middle class value or a fundamental human need?”

Tuesday 9 June at 7.30pm up on the 3rd Floor, 21 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HD

Does the Christian church have anything distinctive to bring to current local education debates and institutions? A space to explore biblical values concerning education, and bringing them to bear on current local educational issues.

Mike Wardlow is Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education, has plenty of experience in the world of education and training, and strong views of how faith should inform Christian's engagement with the eduction system.

The event is open, so everyone is welcome to turn up, hear more, and ask questions.

Update - recording of the event and slides below.

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