Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of the Box - behind the scenes film of the European election in NI

BBC NI Politics Show special: Out of the Box, Francis Gorman's behind the scenes look at the how the Electoral Office NI ran the 2009 European Election

During the build up to the recent European election, Francis Gorman filmed behind the scenes as the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland selected polling stations, registered candidates, arranged to print ballot papers, and prepared the Kings Hall for the verification and count.

He also caught polling stations being readied for the surge steady stream of voters who would come through their doors, and was in the Kings Hall to capture the atmosphere as the verification (Friday) and count (Monday) progressed.

Out of the Box was broadcast in the Sunday evening Politics Show slot on Sunday night. After not immediately making it onto iPlayer, it has now appeared. Available until its seven day window expires at 22:39 on Sunday night (21 June).

For political nuts and anyone intrigued by the process, it's an interesting 19 minute film. A great credit to Francis Gorman's skill as a one man film maker and editor, and a great piece of public service programming which opened up the normally closed world of the Electoral Office to public scrutiny.

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