Monday, July 20, 2009

The Barking Dog - 33-35 Malone Road, Belfast - Good Grub

The Barking Dog, Malone Road, Belfast - photo by ☆ annette ☆ too busy to flickr

I ended up for dinner in The Barking Dog on the Malone Road on Friday night for a lovely meal with fellow Queens Radio seminar sohorts - Matt, Keith and Kathy - fresh from teaching us all how to read the news.

The Barking Dog is just up from The Bot and right across the road from the Eglantine Inn. Didn't it used to be the other Gourmet Burger Bank branch?

Anyway, parking was easy. The atmosphere inside was good. The service was fun and friendly - perhaps even slick!

I loved the menus that were attached to wooden clipboards - gimmicky but not pretentious. Reasonable selection of food, enough to choose from.

My home-made scotch egg starter was fresh, warm and runny. And the main course gnocchi was tasty and not stodgy.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. And the prices weren’t extravagant. You can always check out local comparison site Lookaly and see if anyone else has anything to say about it.

I’ll be back. Soon.

(Photo credit: ☆ annette ☆ too busy to flickr)


John Self said...

Ah yes: used to be GBB, before that it used to be Rain City, before that it used to be Moloneys...

I can't understand why so many ventures fail in this location. Because its place in the heart of studentland means it never gets a loyal clientele built up? (But then how did Beatrice Kennedy or Villa Italia manage it?) Perhaps The Barking Dog will do better as it seems more a gastropub than a restaurant.

Oh and speaking of bad locations, am I the only one with a sense of foreboding at the new shop being fitted out (Hollister perhaps?) in the Ann Street leg of Victoria Square - death row for retailing if ever there was, with French Connection, Zavvi, The Pier, Crombie and The Laptop Shop all closing there? (And how long can Calvin Klein Underwear survive?) Then again, perhaps if it is Hollister, that will be a destination store which will draw customers back along that row of shops.

Keith Anderson said...

The waiter was a bit of a legend. I don't mind a bit of cockiness, as long as the service is top notch. We were looked after very well. I had the chicken chorizo and it was a delight.

I hold it in the same regard (a good one!) as Drennan's.