Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choice of compass reflections

Two photos taken on board Tenacious at the Tall Ships in Belfast. Not sure which shot I like better ...

Reflection of masts in ship's compass

No doubt you'll let me know!

Reflection of masts in ship's compass

Further shots over on Flickr - very few of ships ... they were too hard to see!


Margaret O'Hare said...

That old DOF/POF quandary eh. And our survey said....the top one!

Miche said...

The top picture has the numerals in better focus, but the contrast isn't so good. The lower pic has better contrast, and the eye is drawn to the reflected masts and rigging.

So I'm voting for the lower picture: what's reflected is more interesting than what it's reflected in.

Connor said...

I say bottom one, the reflections in the top one are a little too strong, better contrast in the second one... try it in high contrast BnW

HeatherLynn said...

I like the second one better. :)


Alan in Belfast said...

I think I side with Margaret. I'd argue that the second one's nice once you've seen the first and can clearly see what it is, but on its own it's not as striking.

But I'm enjoying the debate!