Sunday, September 06, 2009

Extreme cooking ... in a hotel?

Don't try this at home ... and perhaps, don't get caught trying this in a hotel either!

Hotel food and eating out is expensive, and if you're away from home - perhaps on business - for days on end, boredom sets in and the lure of choosing food of a menu dulls.

But if push came to shove, what kind of a meal could you russle up in a hotel room?

Comedian George Egg demonstrates what's possible.

via The London Biker (Matthew Cashmore)


Niall said...

In the past, when over in London for a couple of days I would often have stayed in the Citidines Barbican, bought stuff in the Tesco or Sainsbury down the road, and cooked it myself.

But that's probably cheating since those rooms have a mini-kitchen :-)

Alan in Belfast said...

I once got an accidental upgrade in the St Pauls Club Quarters to a suite near the top which had a mini kitchen, table, couple of chairs as well as the bed.

Pity it was a Sunday night, and I was only in the room for 8 hours!

Stephen Barnes said...

Love the idea about using the iron. I haven't travelled on business for about 4 years now, and I'm dreading it since I found out I'm coeliac (only the good, i.e. expensive, restaurants seem to cater for us), so being able to bake my own bread while away is fantastic! Also, I now know I can take my Gluten Free pasta, some garlic, parmesan and pesto and I'll be happy!

Margaret O'Hare said...

After twelve years living in a ships cabin i have kettle-cooking down to a fine art. I cooked everything in strong clear plastic food bags that could survive up to five boils without rupturing.
Now land based I have difficulty measuring cooking times in anything other than 'kettle boils' (One boil for an egg..three boils for noodles) Even managed to perfect 'French Toast' (Eggy bread). If they'd have let me have an iron I probably would have opened a restaurant.

crag said...

Saw this about a month ago - was amused by it but not enought to try it.
Don't fancy the idea of preparing food on a hotel bathroom surface or cooking on an iron that someone has used on their "smelly" jeans.

Alan in Belfast said...

Margaret - these are just the kind of details we need to read on your blog! Sea leg learning!

London hotels said...

What a mess! It's a promised fun without a doubt, but hey, why didn't you try find hotels in London that do have rooms which built for cooking? Sure you can find one on-line (with all the search criterias nowadays) for the next time you visit there.. : )

Back Bay Hotel in Boston said...

Never tried to make anything in hotel still yet but loved your idea and your item, specially the way you have used the lamp light and iron.