Monday, October 05, 2009

Visit Lisburn ... if someone pays the domain registrar? (now fixed)

Did someone forget to pay the bill to keep the domain?

Snippet from Lisburn City Council website homepage

Clicking on the large Tourism button on the Lisburn City Council homepage no longer redirects you to history, accommodation, maps and event information. Instead it links to a holding page advertising perfume and Beverly Hills 90210! - not the normal homepage

Update - Tuesday - the Visit Lisburn tourism site is back working again. While the nice people at visited the post, they didn't leave any comments!


Anonymous Coward said...

Looks like the registrar is paid up to date: Expiration Date: 15-jan-2010. The live site is still in Google cache dated 1 Oct.

Looks more like TIBUS (now owned by UTV Internet) has either messed up the DNS pointing...or is defaulting to a PPC page because of some sort of payment issue with the folks who contracted the Visit Lisburn site. Either way it's a big oppsie.

Edit: hmm..something strange going on...Tibus's DNS servers are reporting that the site is hosted at which look about right (the IP belongs to the CoLo web servers for a UK/IE hosting company), but if I ping the domain name from two separate locations/ISPs in the UK I get a response from which is a US based IP address....that kinda makes it smell like a DNS hijack.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Site's back up working today ... and no change to the whois record ...