Thursday, November 05, 2009

Prods and Pom Poms - Friday night at 10.35pm on UTV

Prods and Pom Poms promotional image

Ben Jones and Paul Hutchinson’s film about Sandy Row Falcons cheerleading squad is finally coming to the small screen on Friday night at 10.35pm on UTV.

I caught Prods and Pom Poms earlier this year as part of the Belfast Film Festival, and it’ll be well worth staying in to watch the squad and their coaches Lesley and Julie as they train and perform. There is energy galore, along with frustration and disappointment. As I commented in the post back in April:

... the tension and feeling of impending doom ratchets up significantly as the industrially spray-tanned squads meet up early on a June Sunday morning to board a bus to the ferry and then up to the Braehead Arena just outside Glasgow: a venue packed out with more than a hundred cheerleading squads and hangers on.

“There’s bound to be people worse than us!”

Will they make it to the venue on time? Will they fall out over platting each other’s hair? Will they make it to the stage on time for the first routine. Will their preparation pay off? Will they win any trophies?

It’s a lovely insight into the squad, and into the community in which they’re based. Laughs, tears, angst - yet respectful and honest. Check out the trailer below.

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