Monday, December 21, 2009

Lisburn (ish) Bloggers' Meetup?

Alan in Belfast - Christmas profile picture

Last Christmas I reached out from social media cyberspace into the real world and organised a fun informal meet up for bloggers in East Belfast. Less than a month later, I moved house, and during the year two of the other participants upped sticks and moved to London!

While I've got to know the Open Coffee Lisburn techie posse in the meantime, I’m not that aware of other bloggers in the area.

So if you blog - about any subject - and you’re based in Lisburn, drop me an email on the address up in the top right hand corner (that’ll not mean a lot if you read this post in a feed reader!) and I’ll see if something can be organised between Christmas and the New Year. A kind of a bloggers’ coffee morning in a suitable venue in Lisburn.

And before there are cries of a lack of inclusivity ... if anyone else would like to run a wider event, I’ll not be in the least offended! Though I might be persuaded that Dromore, Hillsborough, Glenavy and Dunmurry are natural extensions of Lisburn - even if the Boundaries Commission aren’t so convinced.


Ruth Strong said...

and blackskull.....? lol

Russell McQuillan said...

I'm up for that Alan, let me know where and when and I will do my best

Enirehtac said...

Hi there Alan. I'm a blogger based in Lisburn just to let you know. :)

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Hi Catherine - thanks for getting in touch. In the end I didn't organise anything formal, but maybe in the armer weather we'll do something. I'm sure there have got to be more bloggers luring in Lisburn!