Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 01 10 – Binary Ikon online tonight – be there or don’t be there // and Stocki has a spot of West Wing at Fitzroy

Ikon is anarchic transformance art collective who explore religion and irreligion, with faith and without faith. Ikon’s strapline is “iconic, apocalyptic, heretical, emerging, failing”.

Ikon are shifting online for their January gathering. So don’t turn up in the Black Box café!

For the 10 January 2010 – starting at 10pm – the appropriate theme is Binary. The evening will evolve from the website they’ve set up for the evening.

I’ve covered Ikon on the blog before. There’s always something unexpected and thought-provoking, along with some discomfort for good measure.


And if you want to engage with culture in a faith context check out Fitzroy Presbyterian. Since moving across from QUB chaplaincy to the parish of Fitzroy, Stocki's been tackling various musical and cultural icons in the evening services. He wouldn't have realised that taking a political bent could be just so topical this week. Starts at 7pm.

The Gospel according to ... West Wing

Stocki will take an in depth look into the [Two Cathedrals] episode of the best tv show in history (it's why God made moving pictures!) and draw spiritual inspiration and challenge... if you are up to it his Sunday morning sermon [The Gospel according to Mark] will be a great double whammy... relaxed evening around tables...

Updates - Heard good reports (across the study) about Fitzroy's West Wing evening.

A tweet from an organiser of tonight's online Ikon - if it never went wrong.. it wouldnt be experimental! #ikonbinary

Unfortunately, Ikon's Binary event turned out more 0 that 1, with too many people hitting their server at once. However the material will be made available over the next couple of days, and I'll point to it from here.

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