Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A non-recommendation from Amazon?

Recommendation engines are funny beasts.

Normally Amazon's you bought one of those and we'd like you to shell out for some of these emails are full of sensible suggestions. Increasingly, if you search their site for a particular item – say a digital camera – you'll get an email the next day collating the best offers in the photography in that section.

But today's suggestion really seemed quite random.

A strange recommendation email from Amazon.co.uk

Can anyone explain the connection between Enigma (Robert Harris) to How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? (Jane Yolen and Mark Teague) ...


Kram Kroc said...

They are both books?

Norwin! said...

Maybe it was other books you bought in the "H" category. It does sound like quite a broad category!

Alan in Belfast said...

Gary Casey sussed it with his observation:

A "Robert J Harris" (see http://is.gd/5MJSv ) co-authored some books with Jane Yolen. Amazon's foreign keys are rather fuzzy

jlh said...

I was listening to Enigma on my computer the same week I read that book to my kindergarten and first grade students. There you go, life of a librarian.

And truth be told, the "How do Dinosaurs" series is more memorable :)