Friday, February 19, 2010

Scared of the Other (part 2) - Milk showing in the QFT this weekend

Poster for the film Milk

On Sunday afternoon at 3pm, the QFT are showing Milk as part of a Unite Against Hate season. It’s a brilliant film that I’ve mentioned a few times before on the blog.

Milk is a dramatic retelling of the story of Harvey Milk (played by Sean Penn), interspersed with newsreel footage showing the real events in San Francisco’s Castro district.

Asking why the local police are persecuting minorities rather than protecting them, Milk faces up to his beliefs and swells in confidence, turning to community activism to fight the oppression and homophobia he sees in the area in which he lives.

You can read my review and reflections on watching Milk in a post from this time last year. It was the best film I saw all year, and it’s the one that made me angry. Creating ghettos and marginalising people’s identity isn’t smart, and isn’t loving.

Well worth making it along to the QFT at 3pm. There’s a panel discussion chaired by William Crawley afterwards.

If books are more your thing, then don’t forget the various bookish events being held this weekend for children and adults.

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