Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jeffrey Donaldson's successor at Stormont will be Paul Givan

Jeffrey Donaldson speaking after being declared MP for Lagan Valley at the May 2010 Westminster election

Now that Jeffrey Donaldson has been re-elected as MP for Lagan Valley, he will shortly step down as MLA.

The DUP members in Lagan Valley are selecting his successor on Thursday night - someone who will only have 12 months to work up on the hill in the Assembly before next year's Assembly elections forces them to seek a new mandate.

I'll update this post when their selection is announced.

Paul Givan

Update - And the news is that councillor Paul Givan will be replacing Jeffrey Donaldson.

Givan was just beaten by Edwin Poots in the race to elect Lagan Valley's sixth MLA in the 9th round of counting at the 2007 Assembly election but soon his trademark shoes will be hotfooting it up to Stormont whenever Donaldson gets a chance to resign over the next few weeks.

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