Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loss of Faith?

Photo of now-empty Faith store in Belfast's Victoria Square

Loss of Faith?

Photo of the closure notice on the door of the now-empty Faith store in Belfast's Victoria Square

Another store closes in Belfast's Victoria Square - though at the time of posting it's still listed on the Victoria Square website.

There are still a number of units that have never been let. But even more remarkable, I'm not sure how Build-A-Bear Workshop can survive in a recession, selling expensive teddy bears with sunglasses and footware accessories retailing for prices that don't give much change from a crisp note.


James said...

I heard some very interesting anecdotal evidence to suggest that people from certain areas (notably both communities in west Belfast) feel a much stronger attachment to Castle Court than Victoria Square. Victoria Square is for promenading, maybe eating out, but Castle Court is for shopping.

Case in point was when I bought my iPhone. O2 in Victoria Square had none in stock, but also no customers. O2 in Castle Court not only had stock, but about a dozen customers in half the retail space. The assistant told me that their branch's turnover was easily double that of Victoria Square's.

Alan in Belfast said...

Very true. To be blunt, real Belfast people shop in Castlecourt; aspiring outsiders come to the big smoke and shop in Victoria Square.

Anonymous said...

build a bear not doing well?!! Have u ever been? It seems to be the only shop in victoria square doing any business worth talkingabout! The queue can be up to 2 hours long! Get your facts right.

Alan in Belfast said...

> build a bear not doing well?!!

It's probably doing well, but I can't understand why given that it looks - to me - like such a rip off.

> Have u ever been?

As a matter of conscience, I refuse to go in!

Au Lapin Blanc said...

Build A Bear has survived the recession because kids don't tire of the gimmick and parents have to keep them happy. They also do really well for birthday parties I've heard.

Victoria Square is a nice place to shop but I can really only afford to shop in 4 of the places in there (at a push). They need to bring in more affordable stores. There are certain stores I wouldn't even bother crossing the threshold because they are so out of my price range.