Monday, June 07, 2010

Belfast Telegraph outsource fact checking to their readers?

If this morning's online edition is anything to go by, then fact checking is a thing of the past at the Belfast Telegraph!

Alliance's Seamus Close labelled as an independent councillor

Unless there's been an overnight upset, Seamus Close is still an Alliance councillor in Lagan Valley when he comments about the local government shenanigans ...

John Kyle has morphed into David Lyle

... and in a story about the PUP, you'll find that John Kyle is the interim leader, not David Lyle (though at least it rhymes).


Timothy Belmont said...

Perhaps they've made the position of Editor redundant due to efficiency savings!

Vimes07 said...

They also described David Rose as a former school teacher and North Down council candidate, failing to mention that he happens to currently be on the Policing Board, which is pretty significant role for a PUP member to be in considering recent events.