Monday, June 14, 2010

UCUNF posters hanging around in Lisburn

UCUNF poster for Daphne Trimble hanging upside down on Lisburn's Belsize RoadUCUNF diamond poster on Lisburn's Belsize Road

Five weeks after the Westminster election, and two UCUNF posters are still adorning lampposts on Lisburn's Belsize Road.

On the roads that I'm daily travelling, they're the only visible remnant - other than cable ties - of the election.

Five weeks is somewhat beyond the time-scales laid down in the Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 1992 which states

"The advertisement is removed within 14 days after the close of the poll in the election to which it relates."

1 comment:

Stephen Barnes said...

That's nothing. Spotted a Diane Dodds EU Poster on Saturday.... Must put it on Sugger's map.