Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NI - soon to be the towing and clamping capital of the UK

Car being clamped and towed away in front of the Belfast Hilton hotel in April 2008

Belfast is the libel capital of the world – Britney Spears took action through Belfast courts a few years ago – and now Northern Ireland is to remain the towing and clamping capital of the UK.

Car clamping on private land was banned in Scotland back in 1991. Now as part of the Freedom Bill, legislation will be introduced in Parliament in November to outlaw "cowboy" clamping and towing on private land in England and Wales. (Landowners will be encouraged to erect barriers rather than relying on signage and circling tow trucks.)

This leaves NI as the only part of the UK where someone can be punished for parking without permission on someone else’s land. There’s also no sign of similar legislation being introduced in the rest of Ireland.

I recently met the owner of the car I snapped being lifted and towed ... small world!

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