Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Total Politics Blog Awards 2010 - Top Northern Ireland blogs

Top 20 Northern Ireland Blog - Total Politics blog awards 2010 badge

Wondering why there was a flood of hits on the blog coming from Iain Dale's blog, I discovered that - unbeknownst to me - Alan in Belfast had been entered into Total Politics vote for Top Northern Ireland Blog, and made it into the top 20.

For what it's worth, AiB came 14th ... but I wouldn't put too much trust in the science or judgement behind inclusion in the list, never mind placement!


Sarah P said...

Well done you, anyway. Always nice to be cheered up midweek :)

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Alan,

Brilliant. Congratulations and celebrations to both of us! :-)

Alan in Belfast said...

Tim - congrats to you too. And good to hear your news on the eye front.