Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Farm - one-man show in Newtownabbey (Thursday 14 October)

Animal Farm one-man show marketing image

Animal Farm is a great book, and one I keep coming back to in different guises since I first read it at school.

Tomorrow night sees actor Guy Masterson take to the stage at the Theatre at the Mill (Newtownabbey Council headquarters) in his one man show Animal Farm that played at Edinburgh Festival this summer.

Masterson plays all the characters during the two hour adaptation of Orwell’s allegory. Expect to hear references to “contemporary references to British politics and makes links to dictators and regimes throughout history” as well as retaining the links back to communist Russia.

“Over the course of the two hours Masterson will take command of the stage leaping, rolling, cart wheeling, barking, grunting and bleating whilst effortlessly leading the audience along through the narrative and clearly presenting the underlying messages.”

There are still around 100 tickets left (£10/£12/£14) for Thursday night’s two-legged performance – the only staging planned in Northern Ireland. Four actors good, one actor better? Not sure. But if you go along tomorrow night come back and leave a comment to let us know what you thought!

If you miss the show, keep an eye on BBC Radio 7 next spring/summer for their enthralling adaptation that’s been broadcast in March or June for the last few years.

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