Saturday, October 09, 2010

Anne Frank [+ you} in Lisburn Library (4-30 October)

Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition in Lisburn Libraru during October 2010

Back at the end of July, I posted about the Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition that had opened in the Mossley Mill Newtownabbey.

The exhibition has now moved to Lisburn and has been shoehorned into the second floor of Lisburn Library for the month of October.

Looking at the life and death of Anne Frank during the Second World War, the exhibition relates her experiences to contemporary discrimination, exclusion and other social issues facing today’s society.

Comment left on a Post-It note at the Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition running during October in Lisburn Library

There’s a timeline of Anne Frank’s life and the Holocaust as well as a near life size replica of her room in the secret Annexe.

Then there’s the material exploring political persecution and injustice, racial abuse, Indifference and responsibility, conflicts and peace, inclusion and exclusion.

Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition squeezed into Lisburn LibraryAnne Frank [+ you} exhibition squeezed into Lisburn LibraryAnne Frank [+ you} exhibition squeezed into Lisburn Library

Well worth a visit, though the layout is quite cramped and unsatisfactory. Unlike Newtownabbey, there’s no shop selling copies of Anne Frank’s diary, though the library staff will be delighted to get you a copy from their shelves!

This exhibition is open whenever Lisburn Library is open:

  • Monday and Tuesday, 9am-8pm
  • Wednesday, noon-10pm
  • Thursday, 9am-9pm
  • Friday and Saturday, 9am-5pm
  • Sunday closed


canalways said...

hi mate,
I've just been reading your blog as I try to make sense of Lisburn. The Anne Frank exhibition isn't the best in the library, it would be better in the Linen Museum or somewhere like that

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

> ... make sense of Lisburn ...

Could be the goal of a lifetime and you'd never succeed!

I love your blog, really love the sketches and drawings and handwriting, and really, really love the fact you're questioning all the commercial stuff that's killing the town/city/village (our Littl'un refers to it a village).

canalways said...

cheers mate.
I'm pretty sure that Tesco et al will only be happy when they are burying us all in their Tesco Value coffins in the new Tesco cemetary that will be part of their new expansion on the outskirts of town - that will create 200 new jobs etc

Anonymous said...

Why oh why are so many things closed on a Sunday?
Really looking forward to taking the family to this exhibition as all the children are studying this in school at present. Saturdays are always hectic.....Sunday would have been perfect; but NO. WHY?