Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Graphing online mood - James Eggers captures the vibe of Ireland

James Eggers is a 16 year old student from Dublin who exhibited at the recent BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. By combining a set of different toolkits, he analysed 4 million tweets originating from the island of Ireland between 21 September and 14 December and tagged them as positive, negative or neutral.

By using the location information in people’s Twitter profiles, he was able to map the mood onto counties (producing the animation above) as well as graphing the average mood swing across a week, comparing difference between east and west coast tweeters, and showing the peculiarities in tweeting mood on the December budget day. Check out James’ website for more details.

graph detailing the collective mood of people in Ireland changing over an average week - James Eggers - thevibesofireland.comgraph showing the mood of Irish tweets on Budget day in December - James Eggers - thevibesofireland.com

(h/t Damian Mulley’s Fluffy links for Monday January 24th 2011)

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