Sunday, September 11, 2011

Timelapsing a party conference ...

High up in the Waterfront Hall

As an experiment I set up a camera to timelapse the main Waterfront Hall auditorium to see how attendance varied across Saturday's business at Sinn Féin's ard fheis (party conference).

If I'd thought about it for longer, I might have realised that the vantage point the photo to the top right was taken from would have been better!

You can catch some photos from the conference on Flickr.

There are posts on Slugger O'Toole covering Friday night (including speeches by Martin McGuinness and Rev David Latimer, and the impromptu press conference afterwards) along with some colour from Saturday (including interviews/audioboos with some stall holders, Barry McElduff's comedy routine, and Gerry Adams' closing speech) as well as a final set of thoughts rounding up the weekend.

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Niall said...

The time lapse reminds me of those you see of a bee's nest. And the chap speaking at 5:04 reminds me of "Dancing Paul" (if you remember him).

And the chap at 2:49 is leading the audience in a merry jig :-)