Monday, October 03, 2011

Political catch-up

In case they’re of more general interest, I’ve added links below to a few posts I’ve published recently on Slugger O’Toole.

Gusty Spence (1933-2011) tribute

The Great Big Politics Quiz where Haiti was the real winner with just over £1000 pounds was raised to support the rebuilding of homes through Haven Partnership. Over a hundred political anoraks (and friends) gathered in Belfast’s Black Box to tough their way through seven rounds of questions which ended in a tie – a coalition – with two teams on 80 points – representing Youth (UUP) Unionists and last year’s SDLP winners – well ahead of the rest of the room! (Pictures and some audio in the original post.)

Question master Jim Allister? And should David McClarty be more like him? The TUV’s sole MLA Jim Allister has been getting a reputation for running a one-man opposition/scrutiny function up at Stormont. He’s tabled a mere 24 questions for the Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure to answer since May 2011. In fact, individually he has asked more questions than the whole of the Alliance Party, and if you consider the number of questions per MLA that parties ask, he’s an order of magnitude ahead of the rest.

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