Saturday, November 19, 2011

When is the price not the price? B&Q's misleading 5 for 4 pricing poster

Five for four poster in B&Q

Sprucefield B&Q are running a "buy four get one free offer" for loft panelling. Given the poster above, having lugged five packs onto a trolley and over to the checkout, would you be surprised if the bill came to over £20?

Turns out that the pricing poster is displaying the average price for five packs when you pay for four at the full price of £5.80, an is not stating the unit price you pay for 'each'. In smaller than small print in the bottom right corner of the poster (see below) it explains "£5.80 when sold individually" ... not that there's any option to buy them any other way than individually.

A misleading price? Or just a very badly formatted poster that "was sent by head office"? Maybe Trading Standards should decide ...


Anonymous said...

ah B&Q, how I miss lugging those polished porcelain tiles out into Nissan Micras...yes, this looks like the work of B&Q head office and not the student locked in the back office with no windows..

giordanobruno said...

I was gutted to find the deal on loft insulation rolls (£3.00 each on their website) does not apply in good old Norn Iron as we do not participate in the CERT scheme.