Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NI Opera's Young Artists (Out to Lunch Festival) - "Some Enchanted Lunchtime"

Out to Lunch 2012 festival banner

A real departure at lunchtime today as the Out to Lunch Festival welcomed Young Artists from NI Opera to the Black Box stage.

With a variety of recognisable works – as well as some not so hummable – the four artists seemed to wow the capacity audience. Sung, acted and introduced confidently and with a nice touch of humour. Not content with the three female singers from NI Opera, the baritone even stepped off stage to serenade some ladies in the audience. What is the operatic term for ‘Jack the lad’?!

NI Opera's Young Artists performing Some Enchanted Evening at the Out to Lunch Festival 2012 in Belfast's Black Box

(NI Opera’s are performing Turn of the Screw in Newtownabbey, Coleraine, Omagh and The Lyric in March.)

While a complete opera might be too long and heavy for a lunchtime, the bitesize chunks NI Opera’s young stars served up were very palatable … much like the pork stew included in the £6 lunchtime ticket price!

There are still another five days of the festival before Sean and the team can stop and relax. While quite a few of the remaining shows are sold out, tickets are still available for a few


Anonymous said...

Well said Alan. This was a great event that made a small office in Belfast very happy!!!.

More opera bites please. NI Opera is a breath of fresh air. I saw their "Tosca" in Derry which was absoltely tremendous. Keep up the great work.

Simon said...

Hi Alan. Thanks for this - I'm NI Opera's Marketing Director and I'm delighted that you enjoyed the event last week. It was great to see such an enthusiastic audience for lunchtime opera, and we'll definitely look at doing something similar again. Hope you're able to make it to Turn of the Screw in March!