Saturday, April 28, 2012

Salt Bistro, St Anne's Square, Belfast

There’s finally a buzz in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, and new restaurants are opening, joining the more intrepid businesses who set up in the area before it developed a reason for people to walk through.

Salt Bistro recently opened in St Anne’s Square, tucked in beside The MAC and behind St Anne’s Cathedral.

Donal and Teresa Cooper are veterans of the trade, in their new venture have shifted from “fine dining” to “offer something of equal quality but with a more casual atmosphere and mid-range pricing”.

Calling in before a show at The MAC on Thursday evening, the service was friendly and fast. The menu was issued on a clipboard showing the main evening dishes and pre-show offerings tucked in underneath.

The bread, hummus and tapenade starter was generous with its portions of bread. The burger was home made and well cooked and served with mushrooms and cheese. The single slice of tomato and lettuce wasn’t really enough to moisten up the mouthfuls of meat and bap.

Overall, two main courses, two desserts, beer and a shared starter will set a couple back about £40. It's not cheap ... but the food and the atmosphere was good.

With its proximity to The MAC, the Black Box and the University of Ulster, there should be plenty of passing trade for Salt Bistro, and lots of return visitors to its calm oasis in St Anne’s Square.

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