Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thomas Andrews turned up in church this morning

Thomas Andrews Junior Memorial LOL 1321 banner featuring images of the shipbuilder and the sinking Titanic

LOL 1321 turned up at church this morning for our Titanic memorial service. (More correctly, they were invited!

They're the Thomas Andrews Junior Memorial lodge and their banner depicts the shipbuilder along with the sinking ship.

Around ten years ago, on the 100th anniversary of a Belfast Insurance broker, a book of material from Lloyds Insurance of London related to the Titanic was handed over to the oldest Titanic society in the world ... which turned out to be LOL 1321 which was formed in 1920.

After the service, a floral tribute to those who died on the Titanic (as well as during its construction) was carried across the road from the church to be laid under the recently unveiled Yardmen sculpture on the Lower Newtownards Road.

Floral tribute to lives lost on the Titanic (and during its construction) left under the Yardmen sculpture on the Lower Newtownards Road

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