Thursday, May 03, 2012

Open Source Belfast

Adam Turkington and Venus speaking about Open Source Belfast, now open in Sinclair House as part of SomewhereTo_. I was along on Thursday afternoon to run a session on Audioboo which the team may use to help capture and promote the varied programme.

While I was there I filmed a timelapse with a camera stuck on top of an egg timer. You can listen to the audio underneath the timelapse in the clip below.

One wall in the venue - which used to be a cafe - looks very rough, until you look more closely and find a miniature military landscape embedded in the plaster. Quite bizarre - and well worth popping into Sinclair House for a look.

Did I mention they serve tea and coffee?


Niall said...

A very different "Open Source" to what I was expecting!

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. A personal favourite of mine within CQAF.