Friday, June 29, 2012

Fear, passion, accompanying, evidence-gathering and science - TEDxBelfast videos are now available

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Three weeks ago, the top floor of Titanic Belfast was awash with creativity and challenge as the TEDxBelfast speakers pitched their ideas and spoke passionately about an array of subjects. The videos from that evening are now available for viewing.

Colin Williams - the children's TV producer behind Sesame Tree, Big City Park, Big and Small, and Pajanimals -  identified fear as something that has held back Northern Ireland people and companies from reaching their potential. He spoke about his personal experiences of being fearful as well as sharing his vision for a post-fear Northern Ireland.

Anne McReynolds' energy and enthusiasm was very clear as she talked about the lessons she learned during the long process of transforming from OMAC (the Old Museum Arts Centre) to the brand spanking new MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre).

Chris Blake came from left field with his talk about "accompanying". As a late substitution into the running order, his talk was unexpected, yet very deserving of inclusion. He works as a music teacher with autistic children, exploring their musicality and building relationships with them through music. Listen out for his three steps of listening, looking for cues, and taking the risk to join in. Three steps that could apply to many workplaces.

Colleen Hardwick challenged the consultation culture that pervades Northern Ireland as well as further afield. She offered an alternative: evidence-based decision making with feedback from people whose location has been authenticated. Her solution - PlaceSpeak - is an interesting development to watch as it rolls out across the US ... and perhaps areas of Northern Ireland.

One last pick from the bunch would be Chris Horn from Dublin's Science Gallery. A showcase for science, without an entrance fee and filled with insights into real science (rather than simple push-button displays and games). A vision of science exhibited with the care that would be put into mounting an artistic display ... a vision that has already been realised in Dublin and is being copied around the world.

Videos are available for all the speakers: just because I didn't highlight them about doesn't mean it's not worth listening to their ideas worth sharing! Well done again to Davy, Gary, Mark and the team behind TEDxBelfast.

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