Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Belfast Faces and Famous Places - Brian John Spencer exhibition

Brian John Spencer may have started out as a man of words studying law, but nowadays his nib is equally sharp whether he’s drawing or writing.

You can catch his thoughtful musings on an ever-increasing number of blogs: Eamonn Mallie, Slugger O’Toole as well as the little known Huffington Post and one or two other places.

Until the end of this week mid July, Brian has an exhibition – Belfast Faces and Famous Places - running in Common Grounds café on University Avenue behind QUB.

One wall is covered with a series of caricatures of well known figures – and some less well known ones – with an emphasis on those in the public eye. A delightful set of sketches adorn the opposite wall, showing off well known local buildings and pubs with their managers/staff standing outside. And on the wall facing the cash till, he’s captured the heart and soul of the Common Grounds staff in a series of portraits.

Common Grounds is a great café with a great ethos, well worth call into.

And Brian’s exhibition which finishes this Saturday has been extended until mid-July is an extra excuse.

It’s also your opportunity to see what is perhaps the most grotesque ever caricature of David Ford along with a detailed guide explaining how to draw him!

There’s also a particularly fine Simpsons-esque image of Eamonn Mallie, who spoke warmly about Brian at the exhibition.

Brian’s one to watch in the years to come: partly because he’s very good at everything he turns his hand to, and partly because we’ll never know where he’ll turn up next!

Update - Culture Northern Ireland have reviewed the exhibition, and interviewed Brian (video embedded below).

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