Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ascension by Clair Parker, the latest play in Accidental Theatre’s Biscuit Tin Readings series (Thursday 29)

Ascension is second of this year’s three new plays selected by Accidental Theatre for their Biscuit Tin Reading series will be performed in the Ulster Hall Group Space on Thursday evening.

The rehearsed reading of Clair Parker’s play is free and starts at 7pm on Thursday 29 August.
When society shuts them out, a family cling to one another and discover how deep their bonds really go. Based on a true story of a family who starved themselves to death in their own home in Dublin in 2000, Parker's play explores our own boundaries and beliefs and questions how far we will go with our convictions. Directed by Stephen Beggs and written by English playwright Clair Parker, it is a story of a family divided and united by their religion.
The final reading – Down on the Main Road – will take place on Tuesday 24 September (previously advertised as Thursday 26) and is again free to attend. It’s written by Irish playwright Damian Kearney and directed by Finn Kennedy.
A dilapidated school building - nearly abandoned when most of the teachers walked out to work at the posh one down the road - comes to life around its remaining inhabitants: Faith (the principal) and Dad-Man (the custodian). Hilarious and unsettlingly inventive writing.
You can find our more about Accidental Theatre’s plays, readings and open calls for submission on their website, Facebook and tweets.

Between rehearsed readings by Accidental Theatre, the annual Pick’n’Mix festival, numerous theatre groups performing plays from old and new writers at festivals, and awards like the annual Stewart Parker Trust Awards recognising new writers, as well as summer schools by Bruiser Theatre Company and Music Theatre 4 Youth (who performed Fame over the weekend), the local thespian scene – writing and performing – is alive and well ... despite the financial pressures it faces.

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