Friday, November 01, 2013

A leafy adventure in Rowallane #NTautumn

We headed down for an Autumn Adventure at Rowallane Garden outside Saintfield this morning.

Obviously heading deep into middle age with family National Trust membership [the Stannah Stairlift catalogue must be due soon?] Rowallane's leafy walks and cafe has become a favourite spot.

An NT Facebook app allows young adventurers to (use their parent's account to) narrow down their options of what type of experience (muddy puddles or fairies, rabbits or conkers, etc) they'd like at either Mount Stewart, Rowallane or Castle Ward before presenting them with an A4 sheet to print out with their six challenges.

In other words, it's a way of cajoling and tricking youngsters into coming for a walk with you! The sheet also offers a free cup of tea in the cafe, and using the Facebook app gives the parent a chance to win a family break in Fermanagh.

What more could you ask for? ... except dry weather and sunshine to make a pleasant family outing!

Mount Stewart is being lit up during November weekends. Details of the Festival of Light and how to get tickets on the NT website.

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