Sunday, December 22, 2013

Awa in a manger - singing carols in Ulster Scots

The Ullans Christmas Song BookI found my copy of The Ullans Christmas Song Book. I'll save Rudolph the rid-nebbed reindeer for later in the week, but to get you humming in the meantime ...
Awa in a manger, nae crib for Haes beid
The wee Lord Jesus left doon haes wee heid.
The stars in the bricht sky lukt doon whur Hae lay
The wee Lord Jesus sleepin on the hay.

The kye are lowin the poor wean awakes
But wee Lord Jesus nae crying Hae maks;
I love yae, Lord Jesus luk doon frae the sky
An stye bae mae side, ‘Tae morning is near.

Bae near me, Lord Jesus, a want yae tae stye
Near by mae forever an love mae, I pray
Bliss al the dear weans in your tender care
An tak us tae heaven tae leeve wae yae there.

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