Sunday, January 05, 2014

John Hegley: a funny spectacle(-wearer) at the Out to Lunch festival #OTL14

I hope John Hegley enjoyed his afternoon as much as the Out to Lunch Festival audience in The Black Box as he negotiated his way through his running order, our imaginative actions and a few hecklers.

An hour and a half of poems, songs, banter and a celebration of spectacles with plenty of willing – though ever-so-slightly random – audience participation. Apparently we looked like an interval-kind-of-audience so there was an intermission for kids to buy books and the bar to sell some more liquid refreshment.

We learnt about amoebae, armadillos, John’s very very very … very naughty brother-in-law, hamsters and we messed up the Bungalow song so badly that it was abandoned. Is it just me or is John’s ukulele particularly smiley?

Great fun and unusually clean/virtuous family-friendly for modern comedy. And now we have a nine year old at home who will be able to jump into John Hegley’s shoes and perform poems from his book!

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