Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bricks, Belfast and July ... no not a deterioration in community relations, but the Brick City exhibition in Titanic Belfast!

Bricks, Belfast and July usually refers to a deterioration in community relations around the Twelfth. This year, everything was more positive – if not quite awesome – as The Brick City LEGO exhibition continued its residency it Titanic Belfast.

Today we worshipped at the temple of LEGO, its last day. The scale of some of the pieces was extraordinary. But the ingenious use of pieces bricks from one genre of set to pull off an effect in a completely different creation was pretty cunning too. And the penguins (no photo!) were so cute.

I chatted to the two master builders who created the glued together the LEGO model of Titanic Belfast in Victoria Square in the run up to the exhibition opening back in May.

The finished model was a great replica.

Though it was a shame the timelapse video of the build and interviews playing in the background behind the model had the sound muted.

The Westminster Abbey model was good, but pride of place in the show was definitely Warren Elsmore’s St Pancras railway station which just needed some train sounds and a flickering departure board to complete it.

The Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio had been modified to portray a LEGO man rather than Jesus. Since Western Christians depict Jesus as a blond haired white man in church stained glass windows, why shouldn’t Brick City use their own familiar shape?

A couple of screens played stop/go animations using LEGO. Hopefully they’ll motivate some local movie-makers to produce and upload some more.

One downside of the exhibition was the spotlighting of the displays, which was making everyone’s photography very difficult. Flat shiny surfaces and bright spotlights in an otherwise dull room weren’t a great combination.

You can read more about many of the models on display in Warren Elsmore’s books Brick City and Brick Wonders.

Did you visit Brick City while it was in Belfast? What did you think? Did it inspire you to dig your old LEGO out of your roofspace? Was it worth the entrance fee?

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