Monday, October 13, 2014

Celebrating William Rowan Hamilton in the Linen Hall Library on Thursday ... it's Irish Maths Week

It's Irish Maths Week. Whether deliberately tied in or not, the Linen Hall Library are celebrating the life of nineteenth century William Rowan Hamilton on Thursday evening at 6pm in Belfast.

Poet and Fellow Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, Iggy McGovern will perform pieces from his sonnet sequence A Mystic Dream of 4 based on the Irish mathematician's life.

Hamilton's son is quoted describing his father's approach to problem solving:
He used to carry on, long trains of algebraic and arithmetical calculations in his mind, during which he was unconscious of the earthly necessity of eating; we used to bring in a 'snack' and leave it in his study, but a brief nod of recognition of the intrusion of the chop or cutlet was often the only result, and his thoughts went on soaring upwards.
Admission is free, all welcome.

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