Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Be a tourist in your own back yard ... reduced entry to Titanic Belfast this weekend for NI residents

Titanic Belfast was open for 27 months before I set foot in the exhibition halls. I suspect I’m not alone in having deliberately avoided the hysteria and queues at its opening and then less consciously never got around to going along until some relatives came to visit.

Recognising that – and perhaps boosting footfall at the least busy time of the year [Ed – cynical!] – Titanic Belfast are offering reduced entry on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 February for anyone who can bring paperwork to prove they live in Northern Ireland.

Tickets for particular entrance slots can be booked online. Citizens' Weekend pricing:
  • Adult £10 [down from £15.50]
  • Child aged 5-16 £5 [down from £7.25, under 5s go free]
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children) £30 [down from £39]
I did wonder whether discriminatory pricing was allowed under EU legislation which outlaws charging EU nationals a higher price than local residents unless the price difference is justified.

Titanic Belfast have explained that they “are simply taking this opportunity to say thanks to our local community that supports us 12 months of the year and for over the last 3 years”.
The price being offered over the weekend does not represent a change of pricing policy but a promotional opportunity as indeed are many other promotions that take place over the remainder of the year.

Throughout the weekend we will also be promoting and highlighting our local suppliers. This weekend is not just about the discounts: it’s about celebrating Northern Ireland.

The notion of encouraging locals to be tourists in their own back yard is to be welcomed.

Given the simplicity of some of the displays, if I went back I’d hire an audio guide (£3) or download the iOS app (£1.49) and bring along my own earphones to get some more detail while wandering around the galleries.

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