Thursday, April 14, 2016

Belfast Film Festival 2016 - quick picks from the bulging programme of tantalising films (14-23 April)

Belfast Film Festival is back, running from 14 to 23 April with 133 films from 30 countries crammed into 10 days.

The festival is now in its sixteenth year, and the organisers are telling the truth when they describe the line up as “tantalising” with its mix of new international cinema and documentaries, features and shorts from local filmmakers, with post-screening discussions and talks all over the city.

While Oscar-nominated Mustang opens the festival in the Dublin Road Moviehouse this evening, I’ll be over at the Better World Film Fringe in the MAC hosting a panel discussion after the screening of District Zero (filmed in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan).

Some picks from the bulging programme:

Friday 15 April

Parisienne – from Beirut to Paris – QFT at 6.30pm

When Marnie Was There – childlike friendship anime – QFT at 9pm

Blade Runner Night – dressing up encouraged – Black Box at 9pm

Saturday 16 April

Open Fest – twenty minute short celebrating the brand new Open House Festival choir as over ten weeks they go from nothing to supporting Duke Special in Bangor Abbey – QFT at 12.15pm

Virgin Mountain – you can’t go wrong with Icelandic cinema and deadpan humour – QFT at 6.30pm

The Conversation at SARC – delve into the audio-driven world of a surveillance expert who may or may not have recorded two people discussing a murder plot – SARC at 7pm

Land of Mine – surrendered German soldiers order by Allied forces to remove their own landmines from the coast of Denmark – QFT at 8.30pm

Sunday 17 April

Das Boot at SARC – hear the expanding and contracting metal of the submarine and the sonar pings with SARC’s immersive sound system – SARC at 3pm

Monday 18 April

Schneider vs Bax – surreal and delightfully dark comedy as a contract killer’s birthday party is disrupted when he’s sent to dispatch a drunken writer – QFT at 6.40pm

Film Devour – short film festival where you score a dozen or more fabulous sub-15 minute films, each with a local connection – Black Box at 7pm

Tuesday 19 April

Internet Cat Video Festival – over 100 videos, from Vines to short films, all adorable – Black Box at 7pm

This Changes Everything – seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines of climate change – part of the Better World Film Fringe – The MAC at 7pm

Light Years – what happens when someone is physically present but no longer ‘there’? – QFT at 8.30pm

Thursday 21 April

Vessel – the story of Women on Waves, challenging anti-abortion laws around the world with a floating advice centre – The MAC at 4pm

As I Open My Eyes – on the eve of the Arab Spring, a Tunisian student passes her exams but is drawn to her passion for music rather than medicine – QFT at 6.30pm

Traders – recession hit Ireland and the brutal lengths people will go to to hang onto wealth – QFT at 6.40pm

Remainder – adaptation of cult novel about a young man stuck on repeat – QFT at 8.45pm

Bruce Bickford Films – catch the stream of animated consciousness from this inspirational and cult animator – Beanbag Cinema at 9pm

Friday 22 April

Embers – science fiction in a post-event world: everyone who remains has chronic amnesia  – Beanbag Cinema at 9pm

Saturday 23 April

Easter 2016 – Graham Reid’s 1982 science fiction episode for the BBC’s “Play For Tomorrow” set in the days leading up to the Easter Rising – Black Box at 2pm

Sunday 24 April

Arabian Nights trilogy – 6 hour screening – QFT at 11.30am

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