Saturday, April 29, 2006

Podcasts to travel to

Podcast Icon (c) Apple Computer, IncSo what does Alan in Belfast listen to during the drive into work, on the plane, in the Tube or standing doing the dishes at the kitchen sink?

There’s a lot of dross around – and I still subscribe to some of it in iTunes! But some of the podcasts that rise to the top include:
  • Broadcasting House. Catch up on what happened at 10am over on Radio 4 each Sunday morning. It’s the next best to Five Live’s Sunday Service when Fi Glover presented it prior to flitting to Radio 4. [Podcast Feed]
  • Channel 4 News Podcast. A short three minute weekly snippet from Jon Snow. Often humorous , yet with a serious edge to cast a critical eye over some aspect of the world. [Podcast Feed]
  • The Podcast. I only listen to Lucy Kellaway's column, and delete the other half of the content. I’m not a regular reader of the pink paper, but Lucy often has a twisted way of viewing office politics and modern business nonsense. [Podcast Feed]
  • Latest ZDNet Podcasts. Working in the IT industry, I blast through a selection of the ZDNet podcasts every couple of weeks. Particularly good to get a flavour of what the big technology companies (Sun, Apple, BEA, Google, SAP, Intel, etc) are up to. [Podcast Feed]
  • Letter to America. Not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. A weekly window into the larger-than-life and often crisis-hit world of Jett Loe – he lives in Belfast so you don’t have to. [Podcast Feed]
  • Mark Kermode’s film reviews. Snipped straight out if Five Live’s Simon Mayo show each Friday afternoon. Listen to Mark’s film reviews on the way to London. Then go and see one of the more interesting-sounding films that night and see if you agree with his off-beat opinion. [Podcast Feed]
  • Slate Explainer Podcasts. Daily three-minute random explanation of something you didn’t know you need to be told about. Worth hearing about half the time. Tip: don’t listen to them – just scroll through the transcript that’s helpfully provided on the each podcast’s show-notes. [Podcast Feed]
  • The President’s Weekly Radio Address. The official parody of the White House’s Weekly Radio Address. Hard to differentiate from the real thing! [Podcast Feed]

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