Wednesday, May 03, 2006

(Competition:) Refresh your vocabulary for the next round of Buzzword Bingo

Business terminology is often difficult to understand, obtuse, plain bizarre, and often unintelligible.

So here are a few new terms to test you out. I'll post the definitions I have tomorrow, but in the meantime drop me a comment on the blog with your suggestions (which will probably be better than what I have!).

  • Accordian management
  • Binge working
  • Blowing a raspberry
  • Training tourists
  • White water environment

No prizes, other than your name in lights (and you get to keep the copyright of your comments). So perhaps more collaboration than competiton - that'll suit the Web 2.0ers!

Thanks to the new World Business magazine (April edition, for some of the terms.


Cybez said...

"blowing a raspberry" I'm sure that smells good ;-)

Nelly said...

Binge working - does that mean taking occasional blasts of working very hard interspersed with a more easy going approach?

White water environment - a business situation that is precarious, risky and a bit heady?

The others sound interesting. Do tell soon.

Mark said...

Accordian management - pushing people hard, then letting them have it easy, the pushing them hard, then letting them have it easy... and in a way that is completely dischordant with the harmony taught by sound management philosophies.

Training tourists - people like me who avoid doing work by bouncing around various training courses for the craic.