Thursday, May 04, 2006

Polling update!

Just in case any Northern Ireland readers are getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of a chance to vote in the last six months ... I bring you news from the local council poll in Gloucester.

Out for a walk, I nearly walked past a polling station without noticing. Six cars parked outside a Church of England church hall (three of which probably belong to the poll clerks!) doesn't make for brisk polling.

So I'd say thay at 10.30am polling is slow in Barnwood, Gloucester.

For completeness I'll post back after the count to let you know if the newsletter-yielding candidates beat the invisible councillors - as I posted a couple of days ago.

Oh, and don't forget the competition posted last night. Entries welcomed.


Alan in Belfast said...

And even if you're now jealous about the election over here, bet you're not sitting out in the garden, blazing heat, paddling pool out, gazebo up, soaking in the hot rays.

Did somebody mentioned it was raining in Belfast?

Mark said...

No, no... not just raining - there was thunder and lightning in there for good measure, too!