Thursday, May 04, 2006

(Competition results:) Refresh your vocabulary for the next round of Buzzword Bingo

A bit like the local polling station in Barnwood, not a great turnout ... but answers as promised. Still interested if you have heard other terminology in use that deserves a wider audience (and a laugh).

* Accordian management

Quickly growing or shriking the workforce in response to market demand by hiring and firing, and using short-term contracts. While seen by management as cost saving, often engenders disloyalty, insecurity and lost productivity.

* Binge working

Frantic periods of 24x7 working followed by equally long periods of relative inactivity - or time of in lieu. A work pattern favoured by younger employees, freelancers and those who work on high profile "strategic" projects.

* Blowing a raspberry

The act of reaching for your Blackberry, sending someone a quick 2 line email, before putting it back on your belt clip or into your pocket.

* Training tourists

Staff who attend training courses to avoid work. (World Business magazine also suggest that the term "tourist" can apply to anyone who is somewhere for the wrong (non-profitable) reasons.)

* White water environment

An environment that changes very quickly and is in constant flux. (Seems like my normal working environment since 2000.)

Nelly wins the imaginary prize for correctly guessing Binge Working and White Water Environment. Congratulations.

* BONUS: C-change

Didn't include this one yesterday ... A change at C-level in a company, ie a change of CEO, CFO, COO, CIO etc.

Thanks again to the new World Business magazine (April edition, and my colleague Norwin for some of the terms.

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