Friday, May 05, 2006

Election Result - Mr Newsletter wins it

Well, with 36.7% turnout, the polling in the Barnwood ward was about average for Gloucester.

The Lib Dem councillor with the monthly newsletter retained his seat on the council. So maybe the other parties should take note and realise that they shouldn't leave it to the media to publicise the positive aspects of their work.

Early yesterday morning, a "Don't forget to vote for Philip McLellan today" reminder came through the letter box, along with a telephone number to ring for a lift.

Philip Stuart McLELLAN - Liberal Democrat - 1285
Anthony John POWELL - Conservative - 1031
Judith Christine ROBINSON - Labour - 347
Liberal Democrat Hold

And with a majority of only 254 votes, maybe Phil knows that every vote counts.

If you are now engrossed in Gloucester politics, get the full picture over at BBC's Gloucestshire website because I'm dropping my coverage from here on! I'm sure we'll have some elections in NI before too long - just to keep us in the way of voting, and keep the analysts happy.

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