Sunday, May 14, 2006


alaninbelfast logoIf you’re a regular reader, why not add your pin to the Frappr map.

I expected most people to be based in Ireland, but the page logs suggest a fair number of UK readers, along with some folk from a lot further afield.

It would be fun to find out …

UPDATE 27 June 2006 - While I haven't deleted the AiB Frappr map, I've removed it from the side bar as it wasn't really in much demand!


Cybez said...

Can we not play "Wish I was here"?

Alan in Belfast said...

When I got the "new comment" email through I had to check to see if you'd raised teh comment against the Frappr entry or the Back to School/Stormont one.

Given today's damp weather in Belfast, you'll not be allowed outside to play anything!