Sunday, May 14, 2006

Folks (back) on the Hill

My photo of Stormont from April 2006

In a spirit of optimism, I look forward to the next historic day in Northern Ireland’s political history. School’s back tomorrow, and the rebellious pupils (“political servants” according to the struggling MPH campaign) and warring gangs return to Stormont Secondary School.

  • Will any of the political science pupils actually remember how D’Hondt system of voting works - given that they haven’t revised it for so long?
  • Will the pupils agree to it changing to Stormont Integrated School?
  • Will David Ervine feel comfortable in his new gang?
  • Will some of the pupils tear up the notes sent in by their parents to insist that they don’t participate in certain subjects?
  • Will there be detention or even exclusion for any bullies?

Other than commenting on local council elections in Gloucester, this blog tends to steer away from deep political conversation – there’s plenty of active blogs already fulfilling that role better than I could.

But to quote a previous post (only changing the word "councilors" to "politicians"):

"Roll on the day that Northern Ireland politics can match the example of Gloucester, allowing local [politicials] to campaign on local issues - and be forced to participate in local issues in local areas in order to prove their worth and garner support at the ballot box."

(PS: I'm fond of the photo - taken by me just after some egg-rolling down the grassy banks in front of Parliament Buildings. Signs for "Ulster Way", "Give Way" and Carson's statue all featuring. It really does call for some airbrushing ...)

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