Monday, May 22, 2006

George Best at the Airport

Belfast City Airport was renamed to George Best Belfast City Airport today. In a ceremony carried out on what would have been George Best’s 60th birthday, his father unveiled the new signage.

Over the weekend, the famous East Belfast footballer’s name had been added to the top right of the existing sign, and covered up with a banner. Other than the main terminal signage, a single green road sign on the entry slip road, and a billboard poster for the George Best charitable foundation, there aren’t many signs of Best’s impact on the airport. Other than the marquee that will be gone by dusk.

I suspect that most operators will continue to know the airport as Belfast City Airport, or more plainly, the Harbour.

If you could name something in Belfast (or Northern Ireland) after a celebrity (dead or alive), what would it be?


urquhart said...

I'd name the Broadway roundabout after Ian Paisley - it's a pain in the arse, holds the whole country up and is soon to be removed to make way for a new model that'll speed up southern traffic.

Anonymous said...

And after the roadworks are gone the Westlink should be renamed the Bestlink after George Best - since both of them were blocked by 9 o'clock each morning.

Jefferson Davis said...

Why didn't they just name it "The Best Airport"? What say you? :-)

Alan in Belfast said...

Seems the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) have something to say on the matter of airport names.

An article explains that:

* The regulators are concerned that some names have the potential to cause congestion on air traffic control radio frequencies and in some cases are geographically misleading.

* ... recommendations imply that an airport should be named according to the nearest city or town it serves.

Phil said...

the Van Morrison Bus Terminal?

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