Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jack (no Jill) goes up the hill ... to Stormont

How do you convince people of the value of something? Showing them someone who sees the value is often a good start.

Jack McConnell mug shotAnd so Peter Hain, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (and Wales) has invited Jack McConnell, First Minister in the Scottish Parliament, to speak to the MLAs at Stormont on Monday.

As well as highlighting the benefits of devolution and Scotland’s war on sectarian behaviour, Jack McConnell is taking some time of to tour some of Northern Ireland’s lesser known tourist destinations – meeting community and religious leaders on Belfast estates!

Tomorrow, Monday, he’s addressing the Assembly, before visiting Holy Cross Primary School. After Jack’s warm up, the Assembly have to get down to the tedious business of (not) electing an Executive.

View of Stormont from Streamvale Farm

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